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Passionate Artwork

I am confident that my wide selection of artwork showcases my creativity and passion for art. Here you will see that each of my paintings, jewelry, and resin trinkets has its own personality. Should you buy a piece, I hope that you will be inspired by it and that you will feel the same passion that I felt when ...

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One of a Kind Jewelry

Our necklaces and earrings are handmade by our artist J.Travis using recycled acrylic paint making each piece one of a kind.

Epoxy Resin Trinkets

Epoxy resin is strong and durable. Making each piece long lasting. These items are made to spice up any room or office space.

Make every occasion rememberable. The Gift shop holds many handmade gift worthy items.

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How Can I Help?

Contact me with any questions​ about my paintings, jewelry, and resin trinkets. Please allow 2-3 days for a response via email.

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